Design in Tech Report 2017

The focus of the upcoming Design in Tech Report will be on computational design to dig deeper into the phenomenon observed in the 2015 report featured on page 30:screen-shot-2017-02-28-at-6-57-59-pm

This lookback has been prompted by my joining Automattic and seeing how much design has changed for folks who can both code and design. Back in the 90s this was a practice that was anomalous, but these days I can see it’s a little more commonplace. I’ve decided to come back to it to see if I can help to push it a little further before I croak. Building on the incredible work of Processing, DrawBot, OpenFrameworks, Scratch, Arduino and countless other initiatives to bring coding to designers, I can see now that the sky’s the limits. So let’s see what computational design can become by 2020! —JM c